Giving Back to Our Community

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Giving Back to Our Community

Coffee farmers and their families cultivate, care for and harvest the high-quality coffee that we buy. Our business is about the farmers – they create our coffee communities. Without them, there would be no Pedro’s. That’s why we buy only organic coffees – grown using farming methods that protect farm workers and their environment.  And when farmers are healthy so are their communities.

And those communities are supported with every cup of Pedro’s coffee. When our customers insist on organically produced coffee they show concern for the well-being of farmers. They’re making a contribution – to empower farmers to share in a healthy economy. Pedro’s customers show respect for coffee communities around the world.

We share that respect and find strength in taking on a cause together. We honour the work of organic coffee farmers by joining 1% for the Planet, a global organization that funds environmental protection.

Our membership adds to ongoing funding for more than 3,500 non-profits committed to preserving, protecting or restoring habitat for wildlife, fish or animals in their region. Pedro’s is one of more than 1,200 member companies in 44 countries who’ve given more than $115 million (1% of their sales) to helping the environment.

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