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Fundraising Coffee

Is your local school, charity or community sports organization looking for a fun, easy way to raise money for a project? Pedro’s can help achieve your goals with our simple and successful fundraising program.

We can offer the quality and great taste of our full line of Pedro’s coffees and espressos, at a price that provides your organization with a share of the proceeds for their efforts. It’s a win-win – especially for folks who are looking for a superior product from a family-owned company that cares about coffee and respects coffee farmers and the environment.

We want to give back to the communities that make us successful. Let’s work together!

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Coffee & Tea Fundraising Program

Coffee and Tea loved by many,  make for the perfect fundraising alternative to items such as donuts, cookies or unhealthy baked goods when raising funds and awareness for your important initiatives. Our organic coffees are roasted to order locally in Richmond, BC in small batches to ensure freshness and high quality. Our teas are ethically sourced and are handcrafted locally in also in Richmond, BC,  by ethically sourced teas leaves. We are actively engaged in protecting the environment, wildlife and farming communities.

If you have any questions about our Coffee and Tea fundraising programs, please contact us today!

Coffee & Tea Fundraising Highlights

Pedro’s Organic Coffee Fundraising Program

Download our documentation below for more ordering information

Coffee Fundraising Program Brochure

Meraki Artisan Teas Fundraising Program

Download our documentation below for more ordering information

Tea Fundraising Program Brochure
Coffee Order Form
Tea Order Forms

Please see the following documentation for final preparation tips and recommendations for success in your fundraising campaign

Final Preparation Documentation

To achiving the best result, we recommend creating and attaching a cover letter to the order forms that will allow you to communicate your fundraising goals. Please see our cover letter example for reference.

Fundraising Cover Letter Example
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