Our Story

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Our Story

Pedro’s Organic Coffee is a family-owned and operated business with 26 years of experience and a passion for a good cup of coffee. That means we take pride in every batch we roast. We take time with customers, so they get the attention they need and the coffee experience they want. We set a high standard for ourselves and use our family values as a compass.

The direction we’re headed is simple – we want a future that is safe and healthy in an environment that is protected and respected. We want it sustained for our own kids and for all generations to come. We love life on the West Coast and through charitable community involvement and responsible business practices we’re setting out to make a difference. Not just for folks here at home but for the communities around the world that we buy our coffee from.

Why Organic?

After hearing a story of passion and commitment of a special farmer from South America, named Pedro, founders Bill Szeremeta and Rama Dehgan were deeply inspired and that’s when Pedro’s Organic Coffee was born.

Pedro has deep roots in the coffee business, having been born into a coffee-growing family. As a youngster, he learned about coffee from the ground up – literally. It’s because of this lifelong devotion to producing coffee that Pedro knows both how, and why, his work holds meaning for his family and the community.

Pedro understands the difference that growing coffee organically makes for his family, his workers and his local environment. Before switching to growing coffee organically, Pedro saw first-hand the effects on birds, insects and workers of spraying chemicals on the coffee trees.

Over the years, Pedro has become well known throughout his region, as someone who has stood up for the rights of his fellow farmers. He’s gone out of his way to support his community, his family, and friends so that they can maintain their way of life and provide new opportunities for their children.

Our promise

Naming the business after this special farmer meant that here at Pedro’s we keep our promise to continually choosing organic and working towards the vision for a cleaner tomorrow. Pedro represents all the hard-working, trusted farmers who grow our high-quality organic coffee beans.

“It’s not about us, it’s about them” – Bill Szeremeta

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