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Canadian Coffee Roaster’s

Pedro’s is a family-owned and operated micro-roaster. That means every batch is handcrafted with the attention to detail that comes from pride in our product. By using small batches, we can custom roast to order – producing the freshest coffee possible.

Passion for coffee is what Pedro’s is all about. We purchase only the best grade of green, shade-grown organic coffees available and slowly roast them to bring out the unique flavour characteristics of every bean. We roast our coffee with a 80-kilogram drum-style roaster and an open, natural gas flame. This is the same artisanal method coffee roasters have used for generations and it’s how we get maximum flavour from our coffees.

Our local farming partners are committed to producing quality beans while ensuring conservation of wildlife, birds and natural habitat. Pedro’s ‘Fair to Farm’ philosophy is the most important ingredient in all our coffees. We support farmers and their communities, buy their best beans and roast those beans to coffee perfection.

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