Big Train Ice Blended Drinks

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Big Train Ice Blended Drinks

They’re not shaken nor stirred. With our Big Train Ice Blended Drinks, these delicious chilly concoctions are specially blended so that the flavour doesn’t get diluted when iced. Originally made with coffee, milk and ice, these blender favourites now include non-coffee versions like pure chocolate and green tea.

The key is to concentrate the taste so it comes alive when iced. That takes a premium blend of coffee or a quality frozen beverage base. At Pedro’s, we sell only Big Train Ice Blended Drinks drink products that use the finest ingredients like mocha, caramel and hazelnut to create smooth, creamy, flavour-filled delights. They’re a treat for the tastebuds – and for you.

Big Train Caramel Latte

Big Train Kona Mocha

Big Train Vanilla Latte

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