Sauces, Smoothies & Syrups

Sauces, Smoothies & Syrups 2019-09-19T11:46:42-07:00

Sauces, Smoothies and Syrups

At Pedro’s, we know how people like to get creative with flavour. That’s why we offer a full range of delicious high-quality coffee syrups and sauces that can customize every beverage to a customer’s unique tastebuds.

Part of a fast-growing segment of the beverage – both hot and cold – market, these tasty additions are the perfect pairing for our organic coffees. Sauces are a popular way to boost flavour and body in hot drinks, while syrups can be added to hot or cold coffee, sparkling water or as topping for cakes or ice creams.

There are a lot of coffee products out there – we’ve picked the best-selling brands that match our standard for quality and our commitment to producers and the planet.

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